Monday, May 21, 2012

Committee Additions to the Wake!

When the Vultures started back in 2007, there was only four members. It was natural to nickname ourselves based on the vultures from the movie The Jungle Book (1967). This seemed to be a perfect match as each member affectionately donned new names (Flaps, Buzzie, Dizzy, and Ziggy). Since our inception two new vultures have been initiated into the "wake". This required us to find additional sources for vulture names. In keeping with our tradition, these names have been adapted from fictitious characters and yet their character persona closely resembles the individual member.

Out of the Aviary

Beaky, or buzzard (see Buzzard or Vulture) appeared in the 1942 cartoon Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid. The most recent addition to the vultures is Boris. Boris is the main character in The Sulky Vulture.

Individual Profiles

Flaps, Buzzie, Dizzy,Ziggy, Beaky, and Boris

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