Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LFR 2013

Well it is getting to that time of year when the Vultures hit the road for the annual LFR (Long Fxxx'n Ride). With changes in employment status and family obligations it has been difficult to coordinate our schedules. This year there will be limited participation, but it does not minimize the joy of riding and comraderie that we experience on the open road. Here is a look at this year's ride. Click here to see our 2013 adventure: Vulture's Venture 2013

Day 1:  LA to Springdale, UT
Day 2:  Green River, UT
Day 3:  Daggett, UT
Day 4:  Jackson, WY
Day 5:  Twin Falls, ID
Day 6:  Battle Mountain, NV
Day 7:  South Lake Tahoe
Day 8:  Fresno
Day 9:  Kernville
Day 10: Return Home

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oxnard, CA: The Best Breakfast Cafe

Over the past four years ownership and the name has changed three times. The location housed the historic Uncle Herb's for close to 40 years. Yet who ever was hosting the meal continued in the same fashion that made Uncle Herb's a success. They have good and friendly service and the food is substantial. Don't take a vulture's word at face value..we are scavengers. Check out The Best Breakfast Cafe in Oxnard.

Committee Additions to the Wake!

When the Vultures started back in 2007, there was only four members. It was natural to nickname ourselves based on the vultures from the movie The Jungle Book (1967). This seemed to be a perfect match as each member affectionately donned new names (Flaps, Buzzie, Dizzy, and Ziggy). Since our inception two new vultures have been initiated into the "wake". This required us to find additional sources for vulture names. In keeping with our tradition, these names have been adapted from fictitious characters and yet their character persona closely resembles the individual member.

Out of the Aviary

Beaky, or buzzard (see Buzzard or Vulture) appeared in the 1942 cartoon Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid. The most recent addition to the vultures is Boris. Boris is the main character in The Sulky Vulture.

Individual Profiles

Flaps, Buzzie, Dizzy,Ziggy, Beaky, and Boris

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Migrating and Feeding: Julian, California

This ride starts at Tom's Farm in Corona. Julian is about an hour east of San Diego, in the Cuyamaca Mountains. In October they celebrate Oktoberfest as well as their Apple Days. Travel south on the 15 to Temecula for a short break and fuel stop. From Temecula the ride continues south east through Pala toward the 76. A slight detour takes you through Palomar Mountain state park by the observatory then off to Julian. A couple of options for lunch are The Hide Out or The Miner’s Diner. One can return via 78 toward Escondido or go north east through Warner Springs. This is an enjoyable ride for sport bike riders and cruisers.

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Scavanging: Public Surplus Auctions

Vultures love to scavenge! Like the lion, vultures eat meat. Vultures differ in the fact that they don't hunt for their food. It’s an efficient way of living. Auctions are one way vultures dig for those special morsels that are left behind. EBay has popularized auction buying and selling, but there are a number of websites that provide an alternative. Here are some sites that may interest you.

Public Surplus – Website designed to assist public agencies (cities, police, and school districts) in selling their surplus and obsolete equipment

The Liquidation Company – This Company hosts both on-site and on-line auctions. They are located in Fontana, California and hold auctions regularly.

The Property Room – Like Public Surplus, this company represents many public agencies. They also help liquidate inventory for other companies.

Mccormack Auctions – Looking for an auction in San Diego? Mccormack does asset liquidation as well as public surplus. – Maybe real estate is your thing. is a premier site handling residential and commercial real estate liquidation.

Forage on!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Best Summer Ever!

Tomorrow the Vultures hit the road again on another madcap adventure. Since our inception, this flock of wayward birds has grown from four to six, now to eight. This trip we will begin by retracing the first leg of our 2007 migration of the Grand Circle by heading Green River via Zion National Park and Capital Reef. From Green River we will travel north to our capstone destination Yellowstone National Park. After tooling around a couple of days in WY and MT, we migrate east toward Bend, OR. Our return will reverse our trip through Klamath (2008) and Mammoth Lakes (2010) before we arrive back at the nesting ground. Scavenge on! Map of the Vulture's 2011 Migration

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Migrating and Feeding: Touring the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Not a lot is written about touring in the South Bay. I suspect that it may because of the traffic, lack of parking, and uncertainty of the weather. Also since most of the ride is along residential routes, you have to mind your speed which tends to make the twisty turns less interesting for sport bike riders. Should you be interested in this bit of coast only 40 miles south of Los Angeles, you will be treated to some scenic views and interesting historic landmarks. Instead of re-inventing a review, here is the link to Bill Belei's write up from entitled "Palos Verdes Peninsula Tour.

California Boss Hoss Motor Sports
Wayfarers Chapel
Point Fermin Lighthouse
Korean Bell of Friendship
Pacific Diner