Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scavanging: Public Surplus Auctions

Vultures love to scavenge! Like the lion, vultures eat meat. Vultures differ in the fact that they don't hunt for their food. It’s an efficient way of living. Auctions are one way vultures dig for those special morsels that are left behind. EBay has popularized auction buying and selling, but there are a number of websites that provide an alternative. Here are some sites that may interest you.

Public Surplus – Website designed to assist public agencies (cities, police, and school districts) in selling their surplus and obsolete equipment

The Liquidation Company – This Company hosts both on-site and on-line auctions. They are located in Fontana, California and hold auctions regularly.

The Property Room – Like Public Surplus, this company represents many public agencies. They also help liquidate inventory for other companies.

Mccormack Auctions – Looking for an auction in San Diego? Mccormack does asset liquidation as well as public surplus.

Auction.com – Maybe real estate is your thing. Auction.com is a premier site handling residential and commercial real estate liquidation.

Forage on!

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